How to Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom

How to Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom

A slanted bedroom wall can be a challenge to decorate, But it can also be a lot of fun. The key is to use furniture And accessories that either match The angle Of The wall or that can be arranged to do so. Some ideas:

Start by painting The wall a color that will brighten up The space. A light blue or green can work well in a small room.
You can also use shelves or cabinets to help balance out The room

1. Choose A Canopy-Style Bed.

Choose a canopy-style bed A Slanted Wall Bedroom

If you have a slanted wall in your bedroom, Don’t worry, You can still make it look great! Here are some tips on how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom:

1. Try using a light color palette to help brighten up the space.

2. Hang curtains or draperies from the ceiling to help minimize the appearance of the slope.

3. Use furniture with curved lines or legs to help soften the look of the slope.

4. Add some mirrors or artwork to help reflect light And add visual interest.

5. Install shelving or cabinets along the slanted wall to provide extra storage And display space.

6. Use area rugs And floor runners to help disguise the slope And add some color And texture to the room.

2. Embrace It! Simple

Embrace It! Simple A Slanted Wall Bedroom

There’s no need to feel limited when you have a slanted wall in your bedroom. You can easily embrace it And make the most of the unique space. Here are a few tips for how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom:

1. Start by painting the wall a bright color. This will add some life And energy to the space And help to make the most of the slanted angle.

2. Add interest And texture with wallpaper or murals. There are so many fun And unique designs available, So you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

3. Hang shelves or cabinets on the slanted wall to create extra storage space. This is a great way to make use of an awkward space And can help to keep your bedroom organized And tidy.

3. Opt For Bright White Decor

bright white decor A Slanted Wall Bedroom

An easy way to make a small bedroom feel larger is to decorate using bright white tones. White can reflect light And make a space feel more open. If your bedroom has a slanted wall, There are still plenty of ways to use white to your advantage. Here are a few ideas:

Paint the walls And ceiling white to create a bright And airy feeling. Use white bedding, Curtains, And furniture to continue the theme.

Install a white headboard against the slanted wall to draw the eye upward. Choose a simple design that won’t detract from the unique shape of the wall.

Decorate with mirrors. Hang them on the slanted wall or place them on dressers or tables. Mirrors will reflect light And make the space feel larger.

Use sheer curtains instead of heavy draperies.

4. Design The Ceiling Of Your Attic Bedroom!

The Ceiling Of Your Attic Bedroom

Designing The ceiling of an attic bedroom can be a fun And easy project. When choosing a design, Keep in mind that The ceiling will be visible from many angles, So it needs to be attractive And versatile. Here are some tips for designing your attic bedroom ceiling: 

  1. Choose a style that fits The décor of your room. If you have a modern or contemporary bedroom, Go with a sleek And modern design. If you have a more traditional or historically themed bedroom, Go with a classic style like Tudor or Victorian.
  2. Consider The height of your bed And The height of your ceiling. Most bedrooms have ceilings that are around 8-10 feet tall, So choose a design that will look good at those heights.

5. Replace Drapery With Shades

Replace drapery with shades A Slanted Wall Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to make your bedroom look more stylish And sophisticated? If so, Consider replacing your drapery with shades. Shades are a great way to add privacy to your bedroom while also adding some style. Here are a few tips for decorating a slanted wall bedroom with shades:

  1. Start by measuring The heightAnd width of your window. This will help you determine The size Of The shade that you need.
  2. Choose a shade that is The same width as your window, But slightly shorter in height. This will help prevent The shade from hanging down too low And obscuring your view.
  3. If you want to add some extra privacy to your bedroom, Choose a shade that has room-darkening capabilities. This will allow you to sleep in late on weekends without being disturbed by sunlight.

6. Consider A Single Pendant Light.

Consider a single pendant light

One Of The easiest And most effective ways to add light to a bedroom is by using a single pendant light. Pendant lights come in a variety Of shapes And sizes, So you can find One that will fit perfectly into your bedroom design. The are a great way to add personality to a Room.

If you have a slanted wall in your bedroom, You can use a pendant light to draw attention to it. Hang The Light near The top of The wall so that it will be visible from all angles. If you have a high ceiling, Consider using a large pendant Light. If your ceiling is low, Choose a smaller Light.

Pendant Lights are also perfect for bedrooms with limited space. By using a small pendant light, You can avoid taking up too much floor space.

7. Hang A Couple Of Houseplants.

Hang a couple of houseplants

When you’re short on space, Every square inch counts. If your bedroom has a slanted wall, Don’t despair; you can still make it look stylish And comfortable. Here are a few ideas for decorate a slanted wall bedroom:

  1. Hang a couple of houseplants to add some life And color to The room. Choose plants that do not need too much light Or care, Such as succulents Or cacti.
  2. Use a colorful rug to add some interest to The floor. A bright rug will help brighten up The space And make The slanted wall less noticeable.
  3. Dress up The bed with colorful bedding And pillows. A pretty duvet cover or patterned pillowcases can really brighten up The room.
  4. Add some decorative accents to The walls.

8. Include Wooden Beams.

Include wooden beams A Slanted Wall Bedroom

Including wooden beams in your bedroom decor can add a touch of rustic charm. Wooden beams can be used to add visual interest to a slanted wall, Or to create a focal point in the room. There are several ways to include wooden beams in your bedroom design.

One option is to install wooden beams as a headboard. This can be done by mounting the beams to The wall behind The bed, Or by building a frame for The bed that includes The beams. If you choose to install The beams directly to The wall, Make sure they are properly secured And that there is no risk Of them falling On someone’s head during The night!

Another option is to use wooden beams as a window treatment. You can mount them directly to The window frame, Or build a frame out Of wood And then attach The fabric panels directly to The frame.

9. Paint The Ceiling

Paint the ceiling A Slanted Wall Bedroom

Most people would not think to paint the ceiling, But in a bedroom with a slanted wall decorate, It can be a fun And unique way to add some personality And color. some ideas: 

  1. Choose a light And bright color that will reflect off the walls And make the room feel larger.
  2. Tape off the section of the ceiling that you will be painting, Using painter’s tape or masking tape.
  3. Paint the ceiling using a roller or a brush. Be sure to use long, Even strokes so that the paint is applied evenly.
  4. Let the paint dry completely before removing the tape.
  5. Enjoy your newly painted ceiling!

10. Turn To Shiplap

Turn to shiplap

If you’re looking for a way to add some character And personality to your bedroom, Consider using shiplap. Shiplap is a type Of wooden paneling that can be used to cover walls And ceilings. It’s made from thin, Overlapping boards that are attached to a frame.

Shiplap is a popular choice for decorating slanted walls because it creates the appearance Of a built-in headboard. It’s also a great way to add texture And visual interest to a Room.

There are several ways to use shiplap in a bedroom. You can cover an entire wall Or just part of it. You can use it as an accent color Or as part Of a design scheme.

11. Install A Skylight

Install a skylight

If your bedroom has a slanted wall, there’s no need to give up On stylish decorating. You can still add character And interest with a skylight. Here are some idyes for installing a skylight in your bedroom:

  1. Consult with an experienced contractor Or home improvement specialist about The best way to install a skylight in your bedroom. There are many different types Of skylights, And each may require a slightly different installation method.
  2. Plan to spend about $600 On materials. This includes The cost Of The skylight itself as well as The necessary installation hardware.
  3. Measure The height And width Of your slanted wall before starting your project. This will help you determine which type Of skylight will fit best.

12. Use graded shelves

Use graded shelves

There are many different ways to decorate a bedroom that features a Slanted Wall. One popular way is to use graded shelves. This allows you to create a variety Of looks without having to rearrange everything every time you want to change up your decoration. You can also use this style for a more modern look, Or if you want something more functional.

13. Hang a tapestry

Hang a tapestry

A tapestry can be a beautiful addition to a bedroom, But hanging it On a slanted wall can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you hang your tapestry successfully:

Start by measuring The width Of The tapestry And The height Of The slanted wall.

Then, Subtract 2 inches from The width Of The tapestry And 1 inch from The height Of The wall. This will be The amount Of space you need between The top Of The tapestry And The ceiling Or floor.

Hang a piece Of twine Or string at the correct height, And then use thumb tacks Or nails to attach it to The wall. Make sure that it is level before hanging your tapestry.

14. Create an accent wall

Create an accent wall

An accent wall can add personality And pizzazz to any room. Here are a few tips on how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom:

1. Decide on The look you want for your accent wall. Do you want it to be bold And bright, Or subtle And understated?

2. Choose a color or pattern that will complement The existing décor in your bedroom.

3. Scout out a few wallpaper samples or paint chips in your chosen color, Then take them home to test out against your bedding, Furniture, And other accessories.

4. If you’re using wallpaper, Make sure you have enough of it to cover The entire wall – you don’t want any unsightly patches or seams.

15. Stick with a light-colored ceiling

Stick with a light-colored ceiling

Sticking with a light-colored ceiling is a great way to brighten up any bedroom, Especially if The walls are slanted. Painting The ceiling white or a light color will make The room feel bigger And more open. If you have a dark-colored ceiling, Consider painting it a lighter color to help brighten up The space.

16. Give It A Scandi- Boho Touch

Give It A Scandi- Boho Touch

There’s something about Scandinavian design that just feels so fresh And modern. But what if you want to add a touch Of boho style to your bedroom? It Is actually easier than you might think! Here are a few tips for giving your Slanted Wall bedroom decorate a Scandi-boho touch:

  1. Start by choosing a color scheme. If you want to keep things simple, Stick with neutrals like whites, Greys, And beiges. But if you want to add a bit more personality to The Room, Try using bolder colors like navy blue, Hunter green, Or burgundy.
  2. Add some textiles. Drape a soft throw blanket over your bed, Or hang some curtains at The window. You can also use pillows And rugs to add extra color And texture to The room.

17. Keep It Sweet, Simple, And Small!

Keep It Sweet, Simple, And Small!

When decorating a bedroom with a slanted wall, It is best to keep it simple And small. Too much furniture or accessories can make The room feel cluttered And overwhelming. A few well-placed pieces will help to accentuate The natural slope of The wall And create a cozy, Relaxing space. Here are a few tips for decorating a skew wall bedroom:

Start by choosing light, Airy colors for The walls And bedding. This will help to brighten up The space And make it feel larger.

Avoid using too many patterns or busy designs. They will only add to The visual clutter And make The room feel smaller.

Choose one large piece of furniture to anchor The room, Such as a bed or dresser. This will help to balance out The slanted walls And create a focal point.

18. Make A Mini Gallery Wall

Make a mini gallery wall

If you’re looking for a way to add a little visual interest to your bedroom without taking up too much space, Consider creating a gallery wall. This involves hanging a series of framed art or photos in a staggered pattern on one or more walls. It can be a great way to showcase your favorite pieces And add some personality to your bedroom.

To get started, Measure The dimensions of The wall And decide how many panels you want to create. You can either use one large piece of art as The centerpiece or create several smaller panels. Once you have an idea of The layout, Mark The spots where you’ll be hanging The frames with painter’s tape.

Next, Choose your artwork. If you’re using multiple pieces, Try to select ones that have similar colors or themes. Once you have your artwork picked out, it’s time to start framing

19. Use Vertical Lines On The Walls

Use Vertical Lines On The Walls

Vertical lines are a great way to add interest And character to a room, Especially if The walls are slanted. Here are a few tips for decorating a bedroom with vertical lines:

1. Use vertical stripes on The walls or curtains to create The illusion of height.

2. Hang artwork or mirrors on The walls to reflect light And add visual interest.

3. Choose furniture with clean lines And simple shapes to keep The focus on The vertical lines in The room.

4. Use bold colors And patterns on accessories or bedding to add contrast And interest.

5. Add plants or other decorative items that have a tall, Slim shape.

20. Use Tapestries On Slanted Wall

Use Tapestries On Slanted Wall

If you are like most people, You have at least one slanted wall in your home. Maybe it is in your bedroom, Or in a room that you do not use very often. If you’re not sure how to decorating it, This article is for you!

One of The best ways to decorate a skew wall is to hang tapestries on it. This will add some color And interest to The space, And it is a relatively cheap way to do so. Another option is to paint The wall a different color than The other walls in The room. This will also add some visual interest, And can help make The slanted wall less noticeable.

If you do not want to do either of those things, You could also try adding furniture or shelving to The skew wall.

21. Create A Gallery Wall

Create A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery Wall is a great way to add personality And art to your home. It can also be a great way to utilize space, Especially in Room with Slanted Walls. Here are a few tips for creating your Own gallery wall:

Decide On The layout Of your gallery Wall. Whether you want it to be symmetrical Or random, Take The time to plan out The arrangement before you start hanging anything.

Choose artwork that speaks to you. Don’t feel limited by genre Or style – go with what you love!

Hang artwork at different levels for interest. This will add visual interest And make your gallery wall more dynamic.

Use different types Of frames for variety. This will add even more visual interest And keep things from looking too uniform.

22. Place The Bed Under The Vaulted Ceiling

Place The Bed Under The Vaulted Ceiling

When you have a slanted wall in your bedroom, The options for furniture placement are more limited. You can’t just put a bed against The wall because it will look awkward And uncomfortable. The best option is to place The bed under The vaulted ceiling. This will create a more open And spacious feeling in The room.

If you don’t have a vaulted ceiling, You can fake it by adding some extra height to The room with crown molding or a high ceiling paint treatment. This will make The skew wall less noticeable And give you more flexibility when choosing furniture placement.

Another option is to use a platform bed instead of a traditional box spring bed. A platform bed sits directly on The floor, So it doesn’t matter if your bedroom has a slanted wall or not.

Final Thought

Using a slanted wall to create a different look in a bedroom can be accomplished in a variety Of ways. Utilizing existing pieces Of furniture, Painting, Or even adding unique accessories can all help to bring The desired look to your home. So whatever your style may be, You can be sure that there is a way to make it work in a slanted wall bedroom.

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